Welcome to the website of the Federal Union of Clowns!

We tried to destroy a circus recently and it went bad...like just not an excellent time.

Our next move is going to be to kill them dang dumbos that stopped us and killed my best friend marklidore.

Here's a map from that circus we did a bad to to our base of operations:

We wanna kill:

My name is Ranchony Chumions and I'm also a clown and we were best friends and this is a website thanks I use knives.

UPDATE: I'm assigning Burpis and Droofis to meet them on route and kill 'em good. They will never see this coming

UPDATE 2: Burpis and Droofus met up with Jambledunks and Smarglum after they took care of their secret mission. They are all getting happy meals at McDonald's on me, cuz I'm such a good fuckin boss. Fuck yeah. They are probably gonna go there again after the e x p e r i m e n t is done

UPDATE 3: So fucking glad the 2nd mission was a success. Holy fuck fuck yeah fuck fuck fuck fuck shit hell yeah

UPDATE 4: Today, I lost my brother Jambledunks Chumions. He was an incredibly important member of this organization but so much more than that to me. He has always been my baby brother. We also lost some of my closest friends I've had for the longest time. Burpis, Droofus, and Smarglum were incredible men and they will be missed. Atleast their sacrifice was not in vain and that we did bring HIM back.

Diary 17: I'm so happy that he is back. When I thought he was gone for good, my heart stopped and I felt a void tear into me. He looks so withered after what they did to him. Sometimes, he is just all business and it makes it hard for me to tell how he feels about me? I don't know it's just really tough right now and I feel so selfish for even having these thoughts after the passing of my friends but my heart and mind are just kinda torn at all directions and deeper than everything is a seething anger. An anger to avenge what they've done to my handsome Marki and my closest friends. They will feel my wrath.

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